The Book Design Wizard can save you a bunch of money!

The Book Design Wizard simplifies book design and page layout, so that anyone can prepare a manuscript for publication using Microsoft word. It is a huge time saver, even for experienced book designers. If you don't have time to learn book design or page layout for books, the Book Design Wizard will save you hundreds of dollars.

Book design is everything that affects the appearance of a book. It encompasses book size, margins, fonts, line spacing, page numbers, headers and footers, page layout, and all the parts of a book. Book design also includes the cover, but the Wizard does not do covers. Both Lulu and CreateSpace have cover-creating wizards.

The Wizard opens with a form where you select your book size, margins, fonts, line spacing, etc. It also has a place where you fill in the title and chapter headings. When you have completed the form, you press the "Create Book" button, and it creates a professional looking, customized Microsoft Word template for your book. Then it is just a matter of using the Wizard's tools to cut and paste your text under the chapter headings.

You can accept the default settings to format your book quickly, or exercise complete control over every aspect of your books interior. You can select the book's size, fonts, margins, and headers and footers. You can also decide if your chapters will always start on a right hand page or the next available page.

Reading my brief discussion of book design will give all the information you need to make these decisions, and there is a extensive help file and online help available.

If you are not comfortable with book design, page layout, page numbering, or advanced Microsoft Word features, then the Book Design Wizard is the answer. It is a low cost solution to book formatting that will enable you to take advantage of CreateSpace's offer to publish your book for free.

I own it and use it and I am delighted with it. It saves me a lot of time and heartache. I would not dream of formatting books for others without it. NOTE: It is not available for the Mac. For once, I am happy I use a PC.

Purchase the Book Design Wizard, or just visit to learn more about it: Book Design Wizard 2.0

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