Selling books is easier
than ever before.

Selling books is your responsibility even if you are signed with a traditional publisher. Fortunately, there are many ways to promote and sell your book that are free or cost very little. Use everything. Maximize your presence on Amazon, promote your book online, and yes, even use traditional methods.

Amazon has established Author Central as the author’s control panel. Spend enough time here to learn the ropes because it is here that you will enhance your book’s detail page, complete your bibliography, upload your profile, write your blog, and expand your presence on Amazon.

Selling Books Online

You hear a lot now days about an author’s platform. Even traditional publishers are interested in an author’s platform. So, what is it? It is the sum of your influence on- and off-line. If you have a website about widgets, and you have 2,500 widget lovers subscribed to you ezine, you have a great author’s platform.

The foundation of your platform is a website, blog, or both. The intelligent use of social media, such as Twitter and Facebook can drive traffic website or blog. Writing articles and publishing them in article directories can also provide traffic as a result of links to your website in your signature box.

Using a signature with links to your website also works well in forums, groups, and lists.

Traditional Book Selling Methods

Some free or inexpensive traditional book selling methods are still working fine. Business cards can be purchased cheaply on the web. Hand them out to everyone you meet, post them on bulletin boards, and leave them anywhere people can find them.

Press releases can be used to build traffic to a traditional book signings. Radio and television interviews will get you wide exposure.

Online book reviews are often more valuable than reviews in print. I sent out a dozen free copies without getting any reviews except locally. Still, they are valuable. Try, but keep it within budget. I would send a few copies to Amazon reviewers who specialize in your area. Search on your subject, then look for highly rated reviewers.

Search on- and off-line for organizations related to your subject or category. I have sold many books to members of the National Association of Naval Photography.

The Internet is still evolving. Be on the lookout for new ways to promote your book because they are bubbling to the surface all the time.

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