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My naval career spanned 32 years and 5 months, during which, I photographed presidents, astronauts, pilots, ships, planes, events, and lots of people doing lots of things. I became addicted to being where the action is.

My favorite medal is the Humanitarian Medal, which I earned during the evacuation of Saigon.

I received my Bachelor of Science Degree in Occupational Education with an emphasis in Photography from Southern Illinois University just before retiring from the Navy.

I used the “G.I. Bill” to obtain a Master’s in Vocational Education, and went to work for the Chief of Naval Education and Training as an Instructional Systems Specialist.

For the next fifteen years, I developed Training Task Inventories, monitored contracts for computer-based training, and assisted chief and senior chief petty officers in developing nonresident training courses. It was a privilege to work with men and women of their caliber.

It was while helping sailors write their training manuals that I realized how easy it was to write and publish a book if you didn’t have to go through the traditional gate keepers. It inspired me to write my first book, CBT Design. It was used as a textbook by Humber College.

Then, I wrote, The Misadventures of Russell Quigley a hilarious collection of sea stories woven into the fabric of Russell’s life as a Navy photographer.

The stories were easy to write because they were inspired by true events. I believe my stories ended in 1977 when I met and married Perla Lumawig Mogol, who promptly put out the fires, and calmly went about the business of teaching me how to forgive, how to love, and how to put first things first.

Today, I am the author of, a website designed to help new authors publish their books for free, or with minimal expense, and sell them on

Learning to design and format a book block, convert it to PDF, design and create a cover, and convert it to PDF takes time and effort, but the pay off is huge. You will save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars upfront. You will make more profit per book than you ever could with a traditional publisher.

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