CreateSpace will publish
your book for free! Really.

Will CreateSpace really publish your book for free? Yes, and they will save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in the process. Is there a catch? Yes, there are several. You have to do all the formatting yourself. You have to design and create your own cover. Also, you have to market the book yourself.

I know, it sounds difficult, but don’t let that put you off. You can do it! The whole thrust of this website is to teach you everything you need to know to publish with CreateSpace because it really is the best deal on the planet. When your book and cover are ready, they really will publish your book for free., the world’s largest bookstore, is ready to help you sell your book.

It offers each book published by their subsidiary a full detail page indistinguishable from other book pages on, and it includes the fabulous “Look Inside” feature.

The company uses Print on Demand (POD) to produce books when customers order them, so no inventory is needed. You can make your books available to millions of customers by selling on and on your own website.

A built in wizard will take you step by step through the publishing process. It isn't difficult. You set the price. An ISBN will be provided free. You can publish under your own imprint if you purchase your own ISBN.

The company has cover templates to help you design your book's cover. They recently added a cover design wizard so that you can design your own cover online. Now, all they need is a PDF wizard to help you convert your Word files to PDF. I hope that is coming soon.

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