The Poetry Book Creator makes a difficult job easy!

Anyone can design a beautiful book of poems using the Poetry Book Creator. It is a huge time saver, even for experienced Microsoft Word users and book designers. If you don't have time to learn book design, how to create sections, or format poems in Word, it will save you the hundreds of dollars most book designers will charge you to design it for you.

Designing a poetry book's interior is a difficult job. Hiring an interior book designer is be expensive. Save yourself the time, hassle, and money by using the affordable Poetry Book Creator to create a your poetry book layout in Microsoft Word.

It was specifically created for the self-publishing poet. It goes beyond a typical poetry book template by allowing you to customize the style of your poetry book's layout automatically and offers many tools to use after the initial poetry book is created.

You enter in the information and formatting options for your book of poetry in an easy to use form, and then simply click 'Create Book' and the it will take the information you provided and create a professional looking poetry book layout in Microsoft® Word.

After your initial poetry book layout is created you can use its tools to insert poems into your book of poetry, add images, add additional sections, delete sections, change the book size or margins, change the fonts used, the style, and more.

You can use the default setting to format your poetry book quickly, or take complete control over every aspect of your books appearance. You can select the size of your book, the fonts, the margins, and whether or not your chapters or sections start on a right hand page or the next available page. You choose where your page numbers will appear just by clicking on a choice.

The Poetry Book Creator will automatically create the book's title page with the book title, subtitle and author name, and a copyright page on the backside of the title page with the book title, author name, copyright year, standard copyright notice, and ISBN. You choose which optional pages you want, such as a dedication page, foreword, or an acknowledgement page.

Owners receive free updates within the same version and a discount on future major version releases of the Poetry Book Creator. It is not available for the Mac.

In other words, it makes it easy to format a book of poems. You are still using Microsoft® Word to edit as needed. It comes with an extensive help file that is easily accessible. An online support website at is also available.

Purchase the Poetry Book Creator, or just visit to learn more about it: Poetry Book Creator 2.0

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