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Hi Dave,

First of all, let me compliment you on your excellent, comprehensive site for self publishers. I am so happy to have found you!

My question is about Book Design Wizard. I'm considering purchasing it, but read in a forum on CreateSpace that you can paste the text in, but you can't write your book in it. Is that true? Wouldn't that make revisions or edits very time-consuming, with all that cutting and pasting?

From your review and the vendor page, I pretty well know what the software can do. I'm more interested in hearing about its limitations. Since there is a no-refund policy, I want to go into it knowing as much as possible upfront. It's not a huge investment, but even a small one can rankle if it's not the right product after the fact.

Your input would be much appreciated.

Thanks so much. And keep up the great work!



The Book Design Wizard works inside Microsoft Word. I have Word 2007, so it is on my menu under "Add-Ins." I write my books in Word, then click on "Add-Ins" and then "Book Design Wizard."

The Book Design Wizard opens and guides me through formatting my book in about 20 minutes. I answer questions and fill in the blanks. Together, we create a Microsoft Word Template complete with front matter, chapter titles, headers and footers (if I want them), and the back matter.

I then copy and paste my text under the chapter headings.

You can also layout your book in advance and then fill it out in Word. They work seemlessly together. You never leave MS Word, so changes and corrections are easy.

I hope this clarifies the process for you. If it doesn't, don't hesitate to ask again.


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