Book Marketing

by Kendra
(West Jordan, Utah, United States)

How do you begin to market a new book as a new author when you self-publish? Is there a way to get reviews or do I have to wait for people to just begin buying the book? I am not sure where to start with this part of the process. Any advice you may have would be helpful.


Great Question! You could start by reading “Selling Books” on this website. Then I would email all of my friends and relatives and tell them about your book. Ask them to read it and write a review on Amazon. Explain that you need good reviews in order to sell books. Be sure to include a link to your book’s detail page on

Create an email signature, which includes your name, book title, and a comment about your book. For example:

David Griffiths
Author, The Misadventures of Russell Quigley
The Misadventures of Russell Quigley is a hilarious collection of sea stories woven into the fabric of Russell's life as a Navy photographer.

Include this signature in all future emails and blog comments. Search for and join blogs that relate to your book. Join in the conversation and end your comments with your signature. Most blogs and forums allow signatures, but read their guidelines to be sure.

One note of caution: I would not pay anyone to market your book for you. Writing a book is a great accomplishment and a source of pride, but books by new and unknown authors are difficult to sell, and seldom make real money. There are many things that you can do for free that are as effective, if not more so, than what people will charge for. The less you spend on your book, the easier it is to make a profit.

Congratulations on writing and publishing a book!

I hope this helps. If you have any more questions don't hesitate to ask.

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