Children's Picture Books

Hi, Dave!

I'm new to self-publishing and am wondering how one goes about self-publishing children's picture books. How does one integrate the artwork?

I have already written two manuscripts of a picture book series for children and already have an artist working with me. The subject matter is in regards to companion animals (i.e. dogs, cats).

Regarding an author's platform, I'm well-connected in the "animal community."

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Lydia Caldwell
Houston, TX

Dear Lydia,

The process of publishing a book on CreateSpace is the same for a childrens book as it is for any other.

Most authors who do their own page layout use Microsoft Word, in which case, you simply use the insert function to palce your pictures where you want them.

Choose your book size, determine your margins, and then size your illustrations accordingly.

Some authors use Open Office, which is free, and has the advantage of saving to a PDF file. It is very similar to Microsoft Word.

I hope this helps.


PS: I also recommend a Facebook Page for you and your book. It is so much easier to get fans to your Page than it is to get readers to your Website. I should add a section on Facebook Pages.

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