You can purchase single CreateSpace ISBNs for $10.00.

Custom$10 You choose CreateSpace
Universal$99You chooseYou choose
Bowker ISBN$125You chooseYou choose

Free CreateSpace ISBNs and $10.00 ISBNs have to be used with CreateSpace and Amazon. The $99.00 ISBNs are the equivalent of $125.00 ISBNs from Bowker and can be used with any printer.

When do you need to buy your own CreateSpace ISBN?

When you publish with CreateSpace, you have a choice of using a free CreateSpace ISBN, buying an ISBN from CreateSpace, or buying an ISBN elsewhere to use with CreateSpace.

So what’s the difference? Many gurus are telling their readers that if you want to be a true self-publisher, you have to purchase your own ISBN. My question to you would be, “Do you care”?

If you want to start your own publishing business, and list your company as the publisher, then buy the $10.00 ISBN from CreateSpace. It is a fantastic bargain. Where else can you start a business for $10.00? I must admit, if I were publishing a book today, I couldn’t resist having my own imprint for $10.00.

If you are going to work with another printer, such as LightningSource, then the $99.00 ISBN would save $26.00 compared to buying an ISBN from Bowker.

If you don’t care who is listed as the publisher (most readers don’t), then take the free CreateSpace ISBN. You won’t make any less money. That is what I did when I published The Misadventures of Russell Quigley.

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