Get Twitter Followers
Using Tweet Adder!

Learn how to get Twitter followers using Tweet Adder. Each feature is described and explained, but the emphasis is on how to build an army of Twitter followers that are as focused on your area of interest as if you handpicked them yourself.

You get Twitter followers by following people who have expressed an interest in your niche and are focused on the same things you are. Most of them will follow you back, so by following new people every day, you will gain new followers every day. Tweet Adder will do this grunt work for you using the same techniques that an expert user would use.

You set up Tweet Adder by providing keywords that are prominent in your area of interest. Tweet Adder will search tweets and profiles for your selected keywords to find and follow people using them.

You can also find leaders in your field, and Tweet Adder will follow their followers. You can also follow the people the leaders follow. You can even follow their Twitter Lists.

You can also find local users interested in your products or services. This is extremely powerful for local business owners.

Once you set up Tweet Adder, it does all of this automatically. It will multiply your Twitter followers on a daily basis.

Once you reach 2000 followers, Twitter limits your new “follows” to ten percent of your followers, so to keep growing, you have to unfollow those who don’t follow you back. Tweet Adder does this for you automatically. It also provides a white list for people you want to follow even if they don’t follow you back.

When people follow you spontaneously, Tweet Adder will automatically follow them back, and send them a standard message if you like.

You can also use Tweet Adder to manage your tweets and direct messages.

If you use Twitter for fun, or just to keep in touch, you don’t need Tweet Adder’s power, but if you have a commercial interest in using Twitter, then no other program on the market today will do as much as Tweet Adder to help you succeed.

If you read this book on a small screen, all of the information on the illustrations may not be readable. They are still helpful as they give you an indication of what the program is like and how it works.

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