Half-Title Page, an Also By Page,
and Embedded Type

by Lawrence Alexander
(Sherman Oaks, CA)

Hi, Dave,

Thanks for all the help. Three more questions. The Book Design Wizard worked perfectly and my novel is now formatted for conversion to pdf and CreateSpace Upload. But the Wizard does not include an opening half-title page, nor an "also by" page opposite the full title page, both of which I would like to have when my book appears in print and on Kindle. My impression is that I can scroll the title page two pages down to make room for these two new upfront pages, but before I mess with what is in good shape I'd appreciate your advice on the matter because I do not want to ruin the page numbering of the text.

Lastly, I am using Lucinda Calligraphy for the title page and my chapter headings, but I've noticed in reading some of the commentary on the CreateSpace site that a font has to be "embedded" before pdf conversation or it will not appear as I intend. So: is Lucinda Calligrapy an embedded type face and if not have you a recommendation as to how I might proceed?

Thanks again for the help,
Lawrence Alexander


You can add Pages by putting the cursor to the left of the first word on the page and clicking on INSERT and then PAGE BREAK. The shortcut is: CONTROL + ENTER.

Pages before the Table of Contents do not have visible numbers; however they are counted. Page numbering sholud still be OFF at this point, but you may have to adjust the starting page number in the front matter to include your new pages.

Any PDF conversion program should have a button to click to embed the fonts you are using in you PDF. The good folks at Self-Pub.net will convert your file to PDF for $15.00. That's hard to beat.

Best of luck with your book!


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