Italics in the Text

by Lawrence Alexander
(Sherman Oaks, CA)

In preparing my novel for Book Design Wizard, using text from which all styles have been properly removed, I noticed that where the names of books and newspapers, etc., are supposed to be italicized, they are not. My question is whether I do the italicization by hand once the Wizard has saved the book to MS Word, or is this something that is to be handled when I have uploaded the novel to CreateSpace?

Thanks for the input. Your response to my previous inquiry was extremely valuable, and I look forward to what you advise on this.

Lawrence Alexander


You should not have lost any "italics" when styles were removed, or when pasting into the Book Design Wizard.

How ever they were lost, you need to italicize the titles you mentioned by hand before you convert to PDF.

Sounds like you are almost finished. Good luck.


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