Amazon’s Kindle eBook reader downloads eBooks, magazines, newspapers, and blogs in less
than 60 seconds.

Amazon’s Kindle eBook reader uses an electronic paper display that looks and reads like paper even in bright light. The wireless delivery system uses the same high-speed data network as advanced cell phones. Customers can search, browse, and shop wirelessly and download new content without a PC or Wi-Fi hot spot.

Amazon pays for the wireless connectivity so there are no monthly bills for consumers. The service even includes free Web browsing with its own Basic Web browser. Your downloads are backed up online including notes, bookmarks, clippings, and last page read.

The New Oxford American Dictionary, with its 250,000 definitions, is built in. along with seamless access to, with its 2,000,000 articles.

The Kindle has a standard keyboard that can be used to search the Amazon eBook store, your downloaded content, and It can also be used to add annotations to text, edit, delete, and export notes, highlight and clip passages, and bookmark pages.

Long battery life, adjustable text size, and the ability to hold hundreds of books all add to the convenience of the Kindle eBook reader. And let’s not forget my favorite: Read-to-Me. The new text-to-speech feature can read every eBook, newspaper, blog, and magazine out loud unless the rights holder made the feature unavailable.

The Kindle eBook store has over 670,000 eBooks including 109 of 112 books currently found on the New York Times® Best Seller list. Most new releases are $9.99, and you'll find many books for less. The Kindle library also includes major newspapers and over 1500 blogs. More exciting innovation is coming! Let’s hope the competition among Amazon, Apple, Google, Sony, and others is beneficial to authors, publishers, and consumers. Already, educators are using Kindles to lower the cost of text books. The Kindle Read-to-Me feature has made millions of books readily available to the blind.

For the record, I love my Kindle! I take it every where. I am not sure if I save any money because I am reading twice as much as I did before.

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