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I am so confused. Can I enter a MS Word file on lulu in which I have formatted a manual that I have created for printing in standard 8.5 by 11 inch pages. I wish to print it in that same size on LuLu but am confused about embedding fonts and whether a MS Word file with photos and illustrations will print OK. When I converted to a PDF it was refused and told me to correct the embedded fonts. My PDF converter is a freebee and does not allow me to alter files. I know the site says a PDF is preferred. I know PDF files always print in better quality and such. The LuLu site does not appear to have any real people there. Do you know an alternative publisher that might have some better support for newbies like me?

Dave says: I prefer CreateSpace because they have the lowest wholesale price for your books. Very important because it directly affects your income. If the wholesale cost of your book is too high, it causes the retail price of your book to be too high to sell well.

When you publish for free, you don't get great service. Open Office is also free and I believe it automattically embeds fonts.

I apologise for being so late. We had a death in the family; I haven't been home for a long time.

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