Maintain 300ppi in images (Word to PDF)

by the other Dave
(La Jolla, CA, USA)

Here's an issue that is filling the forum pages at Create Space, and there still aren't any complete answers.

My system: Win7, Word 2007, HP Pavilion, latest Adobe Reader, PhotoShop (both CS4 and old but reliable Elements 6).

The problem:

I took a photo. Downloaded from the camera to my computer. Opened Photoshop; opened the image.
Using Photoshop, saved the photo as 5x4in 300ppi JPEG highest quality image.

Inserted (not pasted) image into Word doc. Did NOT alter in any way. No resizing, no editing, no dragging, no nothing. Made sure that Word's automatic compression was UNchecked and "Apply to this picture only" was UNchecked.

Saved as PDF.

Opened the PDF file with Photoshop. The image, which was previously saved as 5x4in 300ppi JPEG highest quality image, was now 5x4in 200ppi image.

I would love to preserve the 300ppi. But at least one user says that according to Microsoft tech support, it's impossible to save any image in MS Word at more than 200ppi. Any suggestions will be much appreciated.


I have also been following this thread with interest. I knew Word 2003 had this problem, but I assumed that it would be fixed by now. I wonder if Word 2010 still has it.

I would transfer your file to Open Office. It does not reduce the PPI, and has a better PDF program.

Sorry I dont have any more to offer at this time. I will do some research and post in the CreateSpace forum if I come up with anything.


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