MS Word to PDF

I have written by book in MS Word with a 8.5 x 11 format using 4 right margin. I am ready to order Adobe Acrobat type PDF conversion. I have chosen 5.25 x 8, for my trim size in Create Space.

Am I going to be able to shrink it down to fit?


Dave's Answer: Steve, your book can be reformatted to any size that CreateSpaace carries without any problems.

The page size and margins do affect the number of pages, and that, of course, affects the cost of your book.

Aaron Shepard recommends a 6 X 9 inch book with 3/4 inch borders all way around. I did that and my book looks great.

You can set the page size in MS Word to the size you want to use to see how many pages will be created.

Good luck with your book!


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