MS Word verses the Book Design Wizard

by Steve

My book is composed of several short writings, of various lengths, from a single page, like a poem, to a few pages, like a short story. There are 181 separate titles for each writing over the 286 pages. you think I should just use Word 2007 and format the writings to 5 x 8 and use the instructions about mirroring pages or should I get the Book Design Wizard?

Thanks for responding. I am hoping I can do this project myself without paying CreateSpace to do it for me.


Dave says:


Word Design Wizard works inside MS Word. It is a flexible template for MS Word.

Traditionally, the first page of a chapter is a right hand page. This tradition results in a number of blank pages, and requires a new section for each chapter. With a 181 chapters, this tradition would result in a lot of blank pages. Therefore, I recommend that you forego this tradition, and compose your book in MS Word.

Normally, it is easier to type your chapter titles into the blanks provided by the Book Design Wizard and Paste in your chapter text than to create sections in MS Word for each new chapter and blank page.

If you start your chapters on the next blank page, whether it is a left hand or a right hand page, you will not have to create sections and page numbering will be greatly simplified (Blank pages are not numbered).

This practice is becoming more and more common in order to save paper and cut down less trees, so you will not be doing anything too radical.

I hope this helps.


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