Get Help and Still Publish Cheap with CreateSpace

Let's say you really want to publish with CreateSpace to take advantage of the great book prices and high profits, but you are really intimidated at the thought of doing everything yourself. Can you get help and still publish cheap? Yes, and here's how

Book Design and Page Layout

The two most difficult and time-consuming tasks are book design and page layout. Book Design Wizard 2.0 ($39.00) simplifies book design and page layout, so that anyone can prepare a manuscript for publication using Microsoft word.

I use the Book Design Wizard, and can now layout a book in minutes instead of hours. It is a huge time saver. If you want to publish cheap with CreateSpace or Lulu, but are not comfortable with book design, page layout, or page numbering, then this is for you.

Book Cover Design and Creation

Both CreateSpace and Lulu have book cover wizards to help you design and create book covers for free. If you are not satisfied with the free cover design programs, check out BookCoverPro ($97.00 for the basic version). This easy to use and fun program will spark your creativity to help you create a great cover.

The deluxe version of BookCoverPro. ($197.00) comes with a multitude of templates for those who want to make extra money designing covers for others. The deluxe version also comes with PrintMarketingPro, which allows users to custom create just about any type of promotional marketing materials for books or business: Brochures, fliers, mailers, bookmarks, CD cases, eBook covers, business cards, posters, postcards, and much more.

Professionally designed book covers will cost you between $200.00 and $2,000.00.

If your book is going to be sold primarily online, customers will only be looking at thumbnails of your cover, so it doesn't pay to over design. If your book becomes successful, you can give it a new cover before you do a large print run.

Converting Your Book File to PDF

There are several ways to convert your book file to PDF for free. You can use Lulu's PDF converter even if you publish on CreateSpace. If you have MS Word 2007, ou can use "Save As" to save your file to PDF. You can also use OpenOffice (free), which will also save your book file as a PDF.

You can also have your book file converted to PDF at for $15.00: Formatting Services

You really don't have to be a publishing wizard to publish free or inexpensively with CreateSpace or

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