How to Publish Your Book
on CreateSpace

Publish your book with CreateSpace: get high royalties, low book prices, and expanded distribution.

You begin to publish your book on CreateSpace by clicking on the the link above and then clicking on the Sign Up Now button. You will need to provide an email address and a password. Then click on the Create Your Account button. You will be required to agree to the service agreement before you can proceed. This is important. You really should read it.

CreateSpace will need the usual information to open an account: name, address, telephone number, and credit card information. Additionally, they will need access to a bank account where they can deposit your royalty payments electronically. You do not need to supply all this information at once.

They will need your credit card information in order for you to order a proof copy of your book to review. Proof copies cost the same as books you order for yourself.

Add a New Title

To publish your book, log into your member account and click on Add New Title. Then click on Paperback Book. You will be asked to provide information about your book, such as the title, subtitle, if any, author’s name, page count, trim size, five keyword search terms, the books category, description of your book, and your profile.

The description of your book and your profile are very important. They can be difficult to write because of the limited space allowed for each. Keep in mind that these are sales tools and not ego boosters. What will your readers get when they read your book, and what are your qualifications to give it to them. The description of your book and your profile should be written in advance of going online.

You can publish your book with either white or cream paper. Traditionally, “How To” books and technical books are printed on white paper and literature goes on cream paper, but it is not a hard and fast rule. They are different thicknesses, so they will affect the width of your spine.

When you click the Save and Continue button, your ISBN and EAN numbers will appear on screen. These numbers should be recorded on your copyright page. Again, not required, but appropriate.

Upload Your Book Files

When you have finished filling in the forms with your book’s details, and you are satisfied that your book's description and profile are as good as you can make them, it is time to upload your book files.

The upload facility has two empty boxes, one for your book’s interior file (pdf) and one for your book’s cover file (pdf). Each box has a Browse Button, which is used to locate your file and then select it for uploading. The file names will appear in the boxes.

It is time to press the Upload and Continue button. Your files will be uploaded to CreateSpace. It may take a few minutes.

Set the Price

When the files finish uploading, you will be asked to set a price. If you set the price too low, you won’t make enough money. If you set the price too high, you won’t sell any books. You need to look at similar books to see how they are priced. You will be provided with the minimum price you can select. You will not make any money if you choose the minimum price. When you have entered a price, click Save and Continue.

You will now be shown how much you will make on each book when it is sold on, and when it is sold on CreateSpace will pay you more, but will have more sales.

Review Your Book

CreateSpace has to review your files, not for content, but to ensure your files are not corrupted in any way that would interfere with their printing process. They will send you an email if they find any problems. You will need to fix them in the originating software, and then re-convert them to Portable Document Files (PDF).

If CreateSpace does not find any problems, they will send you a congratulatory email, and provide you with instructions for ordering a proof copy.

You can publish your book for free, but that does not mean you get free printing. You do have to pay for your review copy; however, you only pay the low wholesale price. When it arrives, check everything. Examine the cover closely for any misalignments, or seriously off colors. Check all of the front matter, beginning chapter pages, and blank pages.

If you find a problem that can’t be overlooked, then once again you have to go back to the originating software, fix the problem, and convert it to Portable Document Format again. You upload your file again, wait for it to be approved, order another proof, and review it again. You keep this up until you are satisfied.

When you are satisfied, you are ready to publish your book. Go to your member account page, and click on the Approve Proof button. Your book will immediately be available on the CreateSpace E-Store. Your book detail page will take up to 15 business days to activate. The “Look Inside” feature may take longer.

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