The secret to selling on Amazon
is enticing people to your
books detail page.

Selling on Amazon means working on your book’s Detail Page, uploading your profile, uploading a photo, writing a blog for your target audience, and increasing your exposure on Amazon by participating in other activities, such as writing book reviews, creating lists in Listmania, writing "So You’d Like to . . . Guides," and publishing your content in Kindle.

Amazon is constantly refining its website. Study the rules and possibilities at Author Central. Take advantage of every feature that will help you sell books. Amazon is working hard to become more author friendly.

The Book Detail Page

This is your most valuable tool for selling on Amazon. The sole purpose of the Book Detail Page is to entice people to buy your book. It is your responsibility to make it as appealing as possible. Take your time writing and rewriting your book description. Amazon only allows you a certain number of words. Make everyone count.

Price. Study your competition and make sure your book is priced competitively. Pay attention to page count: it affects the cost of all books.

Tags. Amazon allows you to associate tags (keywords) with your book. These are extremely important. Books are found on Amazon by searching. Be sure to choose the exact keywords that people would use to find your book.

The Look Inside Feature

The Look Inside feature allows potential buyers to browse through your book. It helps them to decide if they want to purchase your book. It is an extremely valuable sales feature for selling on Amazon. Amazon’s sales statistics show that the Look Inside feature helps to sell books.

The Look Inside feature is automatically included when you publish with CreateSpace. If you did not publish with CreateSpace, you really need to add this feature.

Author Central

Amazon is consolidating the features that pertain to authors at Author Central: This is your control panel working on your detail page, updating your bibliography, uploading your biography, uploading a picture of yourself for use on your Author Page.

Author Central is also where you begin your blog to talk with your readers. Blog posts will now appear on your Author’s Page. Use your signature to increase your exposure.

You can also get help converting your manuscript into the Kindle format. If you did not publish with CreateSpace, you can get help creating the Look Inside feature.

Amazon now links your book detail page to your author page. A new feature called More About the Author can be found right under the Product Details section on your book detail page.

Author Central Profile

Write your profile in a manner that enhances your qualifications in your area of expertise if you are a non fiction writer, or explain what inspired you to write your fictional work.

An up to date photo and a signature like caption is a must. Mention the title of your book, company, website, blog or anything else that will help sell your book.

Don’t just write a chronological history; do your best to make it interesting to your target audience.

Author Central Blog

The Author Central Blog can be accessed from Author Central. Blog about anything that would interest your target audience. You can add Photos and links, two valuable features.

Multiply Your Exposure

You can multiply your exposure on by writing books reviews, participating in Listmania, completing Lists of Favorites, and engaging in countless other activities Amazon has devised to enhance your presence on Amazon. Be sure to add a great signature to everything you do, and include a link to your website or blog.


Your bibliography is not completed automatically as you would expect. You add your book and verify it in Author Central.

Author Central is in Beta. Amazon says it is busy adding new features with a goal of giving authors and their books more exposure on

Selling on Amazon is fun. Come join the party.

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