Smashwords Advantages: Can it get any better than this?

Smashwords advantages lead the industry. If you are going to publish an ebook, it should be with Smashwords.

  • It is totally free. No set up fees.
  • You will be a published author!
  • Very generous royalty system. You make more money per book. Ebook royalties are all over the place, but few publishers offer 85 percent of the net profit.
  • Your manuscript will be converted to all the popular eBook formats.
  • You retain all rights.
  • You have control. You set the price.
  • Short turnaround time. When you are ready, you can be published in minutes.
  • No long term contracts. You can withdraw your book at any time.
  • Great distribution: Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble,
  • Free style guide.
  • Free book marketing guide.
  • Free page for your book. Free profile page.
  • Simplicity. When your files are ready, publishing your book is quite simple. Revisions and second editions are equally simple.
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