Smashwords Disadvantages?
I can't think of any!

Smashwords disadvantages, other than the disadvantages that it shares with all forms of self-publishing, do not exist:

  • All self-publishers have to format, or pay someone to format, their manuscript.
  • All self-publishers have to edit, or pay someone to edit, their manuscript.
  • All self-publishers have to create a cover, or pay someone to create a cover.
  • All self-publishers have to promote and market their book, or pay someone to promote and market their book.
  • All self-publishers have to bear the stigma of self-publishing, which isn't deserved, and which, fortunately, is fading fast.

One area, theoretically at least, could use some improvement. Since Smashwords developed that ingenious software that converts a word document into many eBook formats, surely, they could develop a program that would assist in formatting.

Formatting a document to satisfy many eBook formats at once is more like un-formatting, and is confusing even to a book editor. In any case, Smashwords provides a style guide that anyone can follow with a little effort.

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